Problem Gambling - Getting Help

The hardest part about curing an online gambling problem is recognising you have one. The easy option is to convince yourself that you have it under control and know what to do but the reality is you still end up worrying about the bills sometime later. I've compiled a list of organisations (below) that can help problem gamblers specifically for readers of the Top Online Casinos website but feel free to copy and re-publish this list if you are a webmaster. Meanwhile, if you have an addictive personality, here are some tips to help yourself.

First up, set a deposit limit - but not too small or you will simply end up with too many casino accounts. A good example would be at a place like Bet365 where you can set them through your "My Account" section on a daily and/or weekly basis. I would suggest you set a figure that is half-way between what you can can afford and what you consider dabbling. Set that as your weekly amount. Then set 1/7th increments of that as your daily limit. That gives you some (restricted) gambling time every day. Then...

...set either a play-time target or a cashout target but not one that is too unrealistic. Let's say your daily allowance is �20 (�140 a week), set a cashout target of say �50 and 1 hour as your time limit. Then set your bet levels accordingly and play.

All good casinos will allow you to set up deposit limits but if like me you have a tendency to chase your losses then it's important you only just at online casinos with short reverse times or you will end up doing just that after you cashout. Trust me on that. You will probably find my personal list of favourite casinos very useful in that regard!

Another useful tip: once you have registered a card and made a deposit you can have a card removed by asking support at the casino to do so. More often than not, that means you cannot re-add it so it effectively immunises that card against future losses. It's a useful fall-back if you still struggle to contain your losses.

Of course, the best way to defeat a gambling addiction is to give up altogether. Easier said than done but there is one good way - install the Gamblock software ($89.95 as I write).

Failing the above and if you can recognise that you have a problem then turning to someone for help seems like a logical next step. The following organisations are there for you, depending on where you live. Some offer councelling and others help with identifying the problem: If you know of any more problem gambling organizations that could be added to the toponlinecasinos .org, website please drop me an email to the address at the bottom of the about page, thanks.