And Now, A Bit About Me!

People know me as Simmo!, mainly through the popular Casinomeister players forum where I have been a member since 2004 and a Moderator since 2006. I am a UK-based IT-trained bod and started out gambling on the AWP-style fruit machines since I turned legal age. Nowadays it's more Vegas-style slots and video poker for me.

I have 3 traits that I would consider relevant to this website: I am a techie first, a player second and affiliate webmaster third. I attend lots of iGaming conferences - 4 a year at least - around the world and as a result have been lucky enough to travel to places like Macau, Hungary, the Czech Republic and my favourite place of all, VEGAS! But overall, these 3 traits means that creating sites like Top Online Casinos [.org] is like having your hobby as a job! I love it, I love casino games to the point of being an entnusiast and I hope that comes over in my rambles.

The TOC site is actually driven by a database I set up for another website I created, The A-Z of Online Casinos - which is now known mainly as an iGaming news source. There are also a few tools on there that you might find useful: a search engine to help you find casinos with criteria you look for, a casino games search and a "Grid" application for comparing all the online casinos I have catalogued side by side.

What, Where and Why I Play
My "major" for want of a better expression is slot machines - I'm a sucker for that big adrenaline rush and I've become a bit of dab hand at them. That doesn't mean I'm a winner - far, far from it. I'd hate to think how much I put in over the years, both online and offline, but while I am looking for those big wins I play primarily for entertainment and research purposes. A lot of that research ends up as the basis for sites like my Slotjunkies website, a labour of love, and if you are a slots fan you'll probably find it more entertaining than TOC!

I play online a lot as you may have already sussed. Now that I have a small portfolio of websites I am always finding new online casinos to check out. I take some pride in the fact that I never put an online casino on my sites without testing it out or, in the case of larger casino groups that operate several brands on the same software, at least playing at one of their casinos.

Where I Play Most. Been here since 2005 - service is great plus I am a VIP and get the benefits that come with that like bonuses and invites to events.

#1. 32Red
» Owner: 32Red PLC
» Games: Microgaming
» 24hr Reverse Period
» 24hr Avg. Cashout
» Signup Bonus: $160 Match

Click here to Play
Another Regular Haunt. The Games section is good (Aristocrat slots!) and the Playtech casino excellent. Plus fast cashouts...yay!

#2. Bet365
» Owner: Bet365
» Games: Playtech
» 12hr Reverse Period
» 24hr Avg. Cashout
» Signup Bonus: $100 Match

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My Favourite For Slots. I play Cleopatra, Pharaohs Fortune and Book Of Ra Deluxe slots here at Victor Chandler's Spinroom.

» Owner: Victor Chandler
» Games: Aristo/Novo/IGT/+
» 24hr Reverse Period
» 48hr Avg. Cashout
» Signup Bonus: $175 Match

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A lot of online casinos I play never make it to my sites, normally because of rubbish support, slow cashouts, long reverse times or because of a general uneasy feeling I sometimes get. A lot of online casinos operate what I call a "money culture" - that is, they seem intent only on making sure you deposit and don't cash out. It's usually nothing illegal or dodgy but you soon get to know when you are seen as a cash-cow rather than a customer.

When I test an online casino, I deposit significant amounts too, to give the impression I am a valuable player and to see how they treat me. It does get expensive at times but the whole idea of then becoming an affiliate with the casinos I find suitable means that this becomes self-funding. That's the theory anyway!

For the record in case you are wondering which online casinos I like and play most, I have set up a Top 10 of my favourite online casinos for you. These are the ones that for one reason or another have stood the test of time.

My Rules Of Gambling
You hear some horror stories from time to time about the effects of gambling, of course. Like with alcohol and smoking it can be addictive and addiction can cause problems. But I have a few rules. After I have done any necessary testing on a casino, the first thing I do is ask for a deposit limit to be imposed. If they won't, I close the account.

I also set cashout limits - mine are quite high because I play volatile games so I will lose a lot more often than I will win but when I win, I will win bigger! It's important for me to set a limit before each session though.

And finally I always go in with the thought that I am playing for entertainment first, profit second so I will only deposit what I can afford to lose. Actualy, that's b*ll*cks - I like to think I do but sometimes I get carried away. That's why I only continue to play online casinos with short reverse pending times and casinos with fast cashouts. I can too easily be tempted into reversing cashouts and losing the lot and it bugs me that an online casino doesn't pay as fast as land-based. I get the need for fraud checks but once that's done there is no excuse not to pay same day - or 24hrs max.

So there you go, that's me and my habits! Some of this filters through the site but hopefully it will give you a little more insight into how the TOC site came to be. Happy gambling!

If you want to contact me at any time, just send an email to simmo [at] toponlinecasinos . org